Castle House Antiques is located in Mississippi, and is owned by Donnie and Darlene
Register.  Specializing in fine 18th & 19th century antique furniture, clocks, porcelains,
stained glass, and decorative items for the home, as well as 17th - 19th century fine
antiquarian leather bound books, written in English.

"We started in the antique business in 1970 with a $25.00 investment in an antique
clock that didn't even run!  Donnie repaired it, sold it, and bought 2 more.  In the
beginning, we sold antique clocks at shows.  Then, in 1976 we opened our first location,   
The Antique Clock Shop of Jackson, MS.  We have sold more than 30,000 antique clocks
over the years.  Back in the early 70's we were selling clocks faster than we could buy and
repair them.  

By 1977, after only 1 year in business, we could no longer buy enough clocks to stay in
business.  So we found a larger building and expanded our business to include antique
furniture.  We became direct European importers, and we were importing a 40 foot container
load of antiques every 6 weeks!!!  As a result of this, a name change for our business was in
order.  We became Antiques Unlimited.

In 1996 we opened The Antique Market, in the Historic Fondren District of Jackson, MS.   
We had a booming business, and met many wonderful people over the 16 1/2 years that we
were in that location.   When the recession hit, we decided it was no longer feasible to drive
82 miles per day to keep the store open in the Fondren area.  We closed that location at the
end of March, 2012.

Since then, we have primarily been selling at antique shows and online.  After awhile,
Donnie could not stand not having a physical presence, so he started setting up on
weekends at The Flowood Flea Market in Flowood, MS.    

Altogether, we've been in the antiques business for 49 years.  Our long term success has
been the direct result of 2 things.  First, we have placed a strong emphasis on providing
quality merchandise to our customers at a reasonable price.  Second, we have made every
possible attempt to establish a relationship of trust and integrity with our customers.  
And we absolutely stand behind the items we sell.

Repeat business has been an essential part of our success.  We treat our customers with
respect, and we always strive to provide personalized service, both before and after the sale.  
We want our customers to be happy with their purchases.....and equally as happy with the
way they have been treated.  Your satisfaction is important to us!"
Castle House Antiques
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