"Goffers at Blackheath", a 19th
Century Hand Colored Engraving
of a 1790 Painting by L.F. Abbott.  
Also reads: V. Green. mezizo  
Price:  $125.00
Inventory #3250-189a    
Size:  11.25"H  9.25"W  
An Exact Facsimile in Size and Color
of an 1818 Pencil and Watercolor
Painting by J.M.W. Turner(1775-1851),
"A First Rate Taking in Stores", which was
painted at the request of a patron, Mr. Walter
Faukes, who desired to know the size of a
Man-of-War(Warship).  Information Verified
by the Trustees of the Cecil Higgins
Art Gallery, Bedford, England.  
Inventory #3205-A-1  
17.75"H  21.5"W  1"D
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