English Victorian papier mache' desk set
with mother of pearl inlay & hand painted
green and gold accents. Includes 2 original
cut glass inkwells and stamp box.  
Excellent condition.
Circa 1860    $2,250.00
Inventory #3550-228    
4.5"T   14.75"W  12"D    
Papier mache' box with an intricate stone mosaic
known as Pietra Dura, surrounded by mother of
pearl andabalone inlaid accents, circa 1860.  
The rim of the inside is silver plate and is
intricately engraved.  The center of the mosaic is
engraved with the word Karlsbad.  This is a town
in Czechoslovakia that was known as the home
of the most famous Bohemian Spa, and it
attracted the rich and famous.  
Circa 1860
Price:  $425.00
Inventory #3374    Size:  2.5"H  3.5"W  1"D
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