We started in the antique business over 46 years ago as The Antique Clock Shop and have owned
approximately 30,000 clocks over the years.  All of our clocks are sold complete and running.
Walnut German R/A wall clock with porcelain dial &
pendulum, 8 day, time & strike, with horse mounted
on top of headboard, circa 1880.  Complete & running.    
Circa 1880       $795.00
Inventory #3550-63      42"H   16.5"W   7.25"D
German R/A wall clock with brass dial and pendulum,
8 day, time and strike, all original, circa 1900.  Clock is
complete and running.    
Circa 1900        $695.00
Inventory #3400-108    39"H   13"W   6.75"D
Wall Clocks